A Moveable Feast (or Several): Paris Food Markets Are the Finest in the World

August 5, 2015 l by Alley Ratna
paris food markets

Of all the things the French are known for, their food has got to be one of the most pristine. People from all over the world have heard of France's legendary cuisine. From decadent French pastries such as croissants and crêpes to more filling dishes such as escargot and beef bourguignon, nothing can quite compete with France's excellent culinary skills. Of course, it's dependent of th ...Read More

3 Things For You and Your Children to Do in Paris

July 27, 2015 l by Alley Ratna

Like most things about Paris, shopping is simply unmatched anywhere else on Earth. Paris shopping is the envy of millions of fashion fanatics and haute boutique enthusiasts around the world. Paris vacations are a lot of fun but when children are involved but then again, how do you appease your children when visiting Paris? To help parents out there who want to enjoy all the city has to ...Read More

3 Paris Restaurants You Must Go To

July 27, 2015 l by Alley Ratna
paris vacations

As one of the world's most beloved tourist destinations, Paris has a special place in the world's heart. Not only is Paris a city for lovers, it's beloved by practically everyone who's ever been there! Paris vacations are truly one of a kind.   One thing Paris is certainly renowned for is its cuisine. French cuisine is some of the finest in the world, and there's no better place to ...Read More

3 Unique Hotspots You Must Visit in Paris

July 27, 2015 l by Alley Ratna
luxury apartment rentals Paris

Paris is truly a sight to see. Its elegant, romantic feel draws millions of people from across the world to explore its countless restaurants, museums, churches, bridges, and other sites -- all of which can be accessed by using the superb 384-station Paris Métro. Thousands of years of history, from pre-Roman times up through the Middle Ages and the 21st century, makes Paris an endearing ...Read More

3 Spots You MUST Go to in Paris

July 21, 2015 l by Alley Ratna
apartment rentals

Paris is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Of course, you've probably heard of the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Moulin Rouge, and the Eiffel Tower, but what about the lesser known but just as awe-inspiring sites in Paris? To get a better picture of just how much Paris has to offer, here are three smaller tourists sites that will be sure to leave their mark when ...Read More

Paris Luxury Rentals : Bastille Day Celebrations!

July 16, 2015 l by Alley Ratna
Paris Luxury Apartments

Just in case you missed the celebrations on the 14th, the annual firework display at the Eiffel Tower did not disappoint! Can you imagine if you had a front row seat on the balcony of a luxury Paris apartment rental? Why imagine when it can be reality! There is always next year. But until then, enjoy this video from this years' celebrations! CBS Coverage of Fireworks in Paris Image by ...Read More

Paris Luxury Apartments: Visit Paris in Style

June 16, 2015 l by Alley Ratna
luxury apartment rentals paris

It doesn't get more French than Paris. Paris, though, is a city with a very long history -- and one that wasn't always French! In its origin days beginning in around 53 BC and continuing for a couple hundred years, Paris was actually a Roman city -- complete with aqueducts, an arena capable of seating 10,000 people, and public baths. Today, little remains of Paris's Roman beginnings. How ...Read More

Paris Luxury Apartment Rentals: Visit Paris in Style

June 15, 2015 l by Alley Ratna
luxury apartment rentals

Paris, by far, is one of the most beloved cities in the world. One thing people don't know about Paris is that "Paris" is not, in fact, the city's original name. Originally, it was named "Lutetia Parisiorum" -- which roughly translated to the "mud town of the Parisii." Paris has reinvented itself since then into a city known for romance, adventure, and fine living -- and many visitors ar ...Read More

Your Own Haven in Paris: Luxury Apartment Rentals

May 15, 2015 l by Alley Ratna
apartment rentals

When visiting Paris, you'll rarely find yourself having to stop and wait. Why? Interestingly enough, there is only a single stop sign in the entire city -- located in the 16th arrondissement. Most traffic in Paris operates based on the concept of giving way to vehicles approaching from the right. This is probably for the best, because when you're visiting Paris, there's so much to see -- ...Read More

The Joys of Paris and Luxurious Lodgings

May 7, 2015 l by Alley Ratna
luxury Paris apartments

What's not to love about Paris? The city, of course, is known as the City of Love. When you think of Paris, you think of love, romance, passion, and luxury -- the better things in life. If you don't fall in love with a person, you will at the very least fall in love with the city. Notre Dame Cathedral. The Sacre Coeur. The Louvre. The Eiffel Tower. Versailles. Centre Pompidou. The Cite d ...Read More

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