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It doesn’t get more French than Paris. Paris, though, is a city with a very long history — and one that wasn’t always French! In its origin days beginning in around 53 BC and continuing for a couple hundred years, Paris was actually a Roman city — complete with aqueducts, an arena capable of seating 10,000 people, and public baths. Today, little remains of Paris’s Roman beginnings. However, visitors with an interest in history can drop by Arènes de Lutèce — a stone ampitheater — that dates back to the first century AD. Fragments of the original Roman city can also be viewed in Notre Dame’s Archaeological Crypt.
Besides ancient Roman ruins, what else is there to see in this historical and beautiful city? The list is endless. The Eiffel Tower. The Sacre Coeur. The Catacombs. The Louvre Museum. The Centre Pompidou. The Arc de Triomphe. The Cathedral of Notre Dame; These are just a few of the magnificent structures Paris is so well known and beloved for.
There no shortage of sites to see in Paris.
However, when thinking about taking a trip to Paris, some tourists get the full Parisian experience. How? With luxury apartment rentals. Paris luxury apartment rentals offer tourists a truly breathtaking experience in Paris. Paris luxury apartments, some of the finest in the world, gives true meaning to the French term haute. When you’re not down and out in Paris, you and your family can relax for days or even weeks at a time in these plush apartments. Located in some of Paris’s finest districts, these luxury apartments (and their complimentary concierge services) go the extra mile in making for a Paris vacation you will never forget.
Paris has thousands of years of history behind it. From its modest origins as a pre-Christian Celtic town to the powerhouse of industry, arts, and style that it is today, Paris continues to take the world’s breath away. And with luxury apartment rentals, Paris is simply irresistable.

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