Paris, France: the dream vacation on the top of everyone’s bucket list. The beautiful scenery, incredible food, and rich history make for a unique experience that no other city can offer. To be sure you get the absolute most out of your trip, Paris Copia can help you plan as well as guide you through every step of your stay.

Paris Copia offers the new standard in the best luxury vacation rentals Paris has to offer. With several decades of experience and a professional staff, we can ensure you will be left breathless each and everyday.

The residences we offer are carefully selected luxury rentals, which are handpicked so that every experience will be unique. However, the level of comfort, privacy, and wonder will still match that expected by every person who visits Paris. Our apartments range from cozier dwellings for two to multi-room suites for larger groups and families.

For those who are less experienced in travel or would like to gain a better understanding of what the city has to offer, Paris Copia’s personalized concierge Rik Gitlin is knowledgeable enough to trump any guidebook you can find. After discussing some of your personality traits and interests, Rik Gitlin can use his wealth of insight to customize an agenda that will cater specifically to your optimal experience. When paired with your luxury accommodations in Paris, you’re in for a one-of-a-kind visit to the City of Light.

Don’t hesitate to contact Paris Copia today to find the best vacation rentals Paris has to offer. You could spend your trip passing by the usual tourist spots like every other visitor — or we can craft a unique and personalized experience so incredible that when you leave, you’ll be dreaming of your next vacation to Paris!

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