3 Things For You and Your Children to Do in Paris

Like most things about Paris, shopping is simply unmatched anywhere else on Earth. Paris shopping is the envy of millions of fashion fanatics and haute boutique enthusiasts around the world.

Paris vacations are a lot of fun but when children are involved but then again, how do you appease your children when visiting Paris? To help parents out there who want to enjoy all the city has to offer with their children, here are three things for kids to do in Paris:

    1. Musée des Automates et de la Magie: The museum is located on Rue Saint Paul in a house that formerly belonged to Marquis de Sade. The museum is split into two sides: one for the Automation museum and the other for the Magic museum. The former contains hundreds of metal, wood, and paper machines, some of which are centuries old, that operate in perpetual motion, and the latter displays hundreds of props, pamphlets, posters, and other antique items that encompass hundreds of years’ worth of modern magic. This surely will bring a smile to your children’s faces.


    1. Parc de la Villette: This gorgeous park is lined with red pavilions (or “folies”) that house everything from a giant climbing frame and a first-aid post to a burger bar and art center. It also has ten separate “themed” gardens such as the Garden of Mirrors, the Garden of Mists, and (most appropriately) the Garden of Childhood Freights. Close by to the Paris Conservatory and the Cité de la Musique, the Parc de la Villette is the perfect place to spend a lovely summer day.


  1. Bogato: What kid doesn’t like sweets? The Bogato (which more or less translates to “pretty cake” in French) features antique wooden furniture, glass bells, and of course all the French candy and pastries a kid could possibly want! Crunchy butter biscuits, smooth Nutella tarts, cherry cheesecakes, chocolate-coated marshmallows, and Cheshire Cat shortbread biscuits, gooey macaroons, and cream-filled choux are just a few of the items your kids (and you) can gorge on.

Your very own haven in Paris is right around the corner! For more information about things for kids to do in Paris and other travel tips, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.

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