3 Paris Restaurants You Must Go To

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As one of the world’s most beloved tourist destinations, Paris has a special place in the world’s heart. Not only is Paris a city for lovers, it’s beloved by practically everyone who’s ever been there! Paris vacations are truly one of a kind.
One thing Paris is certainly renowned for is its cuisine. French cuisine is some of the finest in the world, and there’s no better place to enjoy haute French cooking than in the heart of France itself. Food shopping in Paris can be daunting; there are just so many restaurants, cafes, bistros, and stands to choose from. If you plan on going to Paris anytime soon, though, here are three restaurants you simply must check out:

  1. Septime: The upscale French restaurant Septime is in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine area, which is world-famous as the center of the Parisian food scene. The restaurant’s design includes large mirrors, antique flooring, luxurious furniture, reinforced concrete and a gorgeous bare wood finish. Septime offers the most authentic French cuisine you can get, using fresh ingrediants and delicious recipes that have made the country’s food so enviable. Try, for example, the Saint-Jean mackerel with sweet and padron peppers, or maybe the Iberico ham and pumpkin dish will suit your fancy?

  3. L’Ilot: If you’re in the mood for seafood, then L’Ilot is the place to go. Though the venue is small, it makes up for it with its incredible cooking! While drinking your glass of white wine on the rue de la Corderie, you can dine on pink Madagascan prawns, Marennes oysters from Oléron, and smoked salmon for just €10.50.

  5. Le Pantruche: Its name is an old-fashioned slang word for “Parisian,” and indeed, the bistro practically screams Paris with its traditional bistro decor, fancy mirrors, and prim French waiters. Bistros are known for its quaint but delicious meals; in Le Pantruche, dine on its white asparagus, chicory cream, and black truffle risotto. And what trip to Paris is complete without a dessert? The bistro’s piéce de résistance is the soufflé with Grand Marnier.

Each of these restaurants are a haven in Paris. Paris food markets and Paris shopping are some of the finest in the world. For more information about Paris vacations, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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