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Enjoy the Beauty of a French Winter With These Travel Tips

October 29, 2015 l by Paris Copia
travel tips

Everyone needs a vacation, and when doing so, why not treat yourself to the best trip you could imagine? While many people may focus on going to the closest beach for a weekend during the summer, many underestimate the great travel that winter months can offer. When vacationing in these colder months, you would be hard-pressed to find a better winter wonderland than France. Here are a fe ...Read More

Reasons to Set Your Eyes on Tourist Attractions in Autumn in France

October 27, 2015 l by Paris Copia
tourist attractions

For most people planning their dream vacation, the first step is to automatically choose summer as the best time to travel. While this may be true for beach vacations in the United States, many people underestimate the advantages that trips in the later months can offer. If you're willing to set your trip for autumn, there is no better place to visit than France.   After August is ...Read More

3 Tips on Finding Great Parisian Accommodations

October 12, 2015 l by Paris Copia
luxury accommodations

In 2013, France had 84 million visitors, making it the top destination in the world. It's no wonder it's such a popular place. With so much culture, amazing food, beautiful scenery, and wonderful things to do, it's one of the biggest cities in Europe. In fact, about 83% of France's tourists were coming from other parts of Europe such as Germany, the UK, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, S ...Read More

Travel Tips for for Planning Your Dream Vacation

October 7, 2015 l by Paris Copia
travel tips

Europe is a dream vacation for most tourists and on the top of their list for future vacations. However, one country in particular that excels in attracting tourists is France. With more than 84 million foreign people visiting the country in just 2014, France is the top global destination for tourists. There is so much culture to drink in and famous tourist attractions to see that it can ...Read More

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