Reasons to Set Your Eyes on Tourist Attractions in Autumn in France

tourist attractions

For most people planning their dream vacation, the first step is to automatically choose summer as the best time to travel. While this may be true for beach vacations in the United States, many people underestimate the advantages that trips in the later months can offer. If you’re willing to set your trip for autumn, there is no better place to visit than France.
After August is over and the big tourist rush in France has ended, the country starts to get back into full swing. Technically, the summer doesn’t end in France until the Autumn equinox on September 21, but to the public, the summer season ends as soon as school is back in session and the waves of tourists have begun to dwindle down.
At this time local businesses begin operating normally again, and many tourist attractions stop only catering to travelers. There is no better time of the year to get a good feel for the culture and true lifestyle of the French.
For those who fear that they won’t be able to enjoy their vacation in colder weather, there is no need to worry considering the varying climates throughout the country. You can relax in the warmth of southern France with warm days and brisk nights. The Mediterranean and Atlantic ocean are usually even still warm enough to enjoy a swim.
After getting your fill of the tail end of the summer in France, one can travel to the North and countrysides to take in some of the beautiful colors of falling leaves and the unique cuisine and wines that different regions of the country specialize in. Wine tourism has long been one of the most dynamic industries in the country with an estimated 24 million people visiting the wine regions every year.
If you would rather spend some time indoors to get away from the crisp weather, there are no shortage of indoor tourist attractions, such as the countless museums across the country. By far the most renowned, the Louvre has continued to be the most visited museum in the world with around 9.3 million people just in 2014. Even their website,, has had 14 million hits, and has 2.3 million followers on social networks.
If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the French culture, avoiding tourist season can offer the most authentic experience. Not to mention that travel costs, from air fares to luxury vacation rentals, are far more reasonable than in other months; the average daily expenditure of tourists year around is about $80, but dips substantially lower in the later months. Before planning your next vacation, consider autumn in France as your destination.

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