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Europe is a dream vacation for most tourists and on the top of their list for future vacations. However, one country in particular that excels in attracting tourists is France. With more than 84 million foreign people visiting the country in just 2014, France is the top global destination for tourists. There is so much culture to drink in and famous tourist attractions to see that it can be overwhelming. Here are a few travel tips just to get you started on the process of planning your dream vacation.

  • Skiing
    People may not often associate France with sports — except soccer of course — considering their love of fine foods and leisurely lifestyles. However, the beautiful mountain ranges that transverse the country make for some of the best ski resorts. Every year, France has 55 million skier days sold, making it the world’s top skiing destination. Whether you’re a novice and want to begin learning on modest size hills or are ready to take on the famous French Alps, there is more than enough skiing to quench your thirst for adventure.

  • Wine
    If there is one thing France is known for more than for their cheeses, is their famous ability to create fine wines of all varieties. The wine region in France is a vast area that encompasses countless fields of grapes. Some may choose to visit as many different wineries as they can to get a feel for the country’s love of the alcoholic beverage, but for those looking to taste some local wines without having to be on the move, one spot in particular is the Galeries Lafayette. This location houses the Bordeaux Theque, a collection of over around 1,200 types of Bordeaux wines. You will have the option to try as many wines as you would like from right in your seat, as well as finding the perfect one to match your evening dinner.

  • Luxury Accommodations
    France is home to some of the finest luxury accommodations the world has to offer. In between travels you can breathe in the laid back lifestyle of the French that the rest of the world envies with hot espressos on an outdoor terrace. Unlike some countries, France can offer incredible site seeing, as well as accommodations of the best quality.

Regardless of how many travel tips you may receive, there will be no shortage of activities to partake in around the country. Follow a well-planned guide or wing it and truly experience the French lifestyle.

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