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Let Yourself Eat Cake: Following the French Monarchy Through Paris

April 26, 2016 l by Alley Ratna
trip to Paris

There are so many cultural references to the French Revolution. "Let them eat cake!" " The Blood of the Martyred Men Will Water the Meadows of France!" " Off With Their Heads!" "Vive La France! Basically, the French Revolution was a large disagreement between the French monarchy and the little people of France. It resulted in political and social upheaval, monarchs without heads, and ...Read More

Finding the Da Vinci Code– Following the Steps of the Rose Line Through Paris

April 19, 2016 l by Alley Ratna
trip to Paris

It is without a doubt the popular novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown has just added to Paris being the world's number one tourist destination. Throughout the book Brown has described the infamous 'Rose Line', better known as the Parisian Meridian, the once challenger to the Greenwich meridian.   When vacationing in Paris, one should always be on the lookout for unique travel tips ...Read More

I See Paris, I See France….How to Get the Perfect Birds Eye View of the City of Lights

April 12, 2016 l by Alley Ratna
trip to Paris

Vacationing in Paris and want to see as much of the City of Lights as you can? Paris was the world's number one tourist destination in 2013, so finding something off the beaten path is the best way to see everything Paris has to offer. Since Americans only have on average 16 days of vacation per year, it is important to make them count! Be sure to visit these different locations all thro ...Read More

Paris: Finding the Je Ne Sais Quoi You Are Looking For

April 5, 2016 l by Alley Ratna
luxury Paris apartment

Headed to the City of Lights? It's a given that you are going to see the must-sees; the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur, and Notre Dame during your Paris vacation. But are you searching for things to do off the beaten path in order to figure out just what the je ne sais quoi of Paris is all about? Checking out these sights below will help you carve out a piece of Paris tha ...Read More

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