Paris: Finding the Je Ne Sais Quoi You Are Looking For

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Headed to the City of Lights? It’s a given that you are going to see the must-sees; the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur, and Notre Dame during your Paris vacation. But are you searching for things to do off the beaten path in order to figure out just what the je ne sais quoi of Paris is all about? Checking out these sights below will help you carve out a piece of Paris that you can call your own.
The Catacombs
Interested in seeing where all those heads ended up after meeting their fate with the Guillotine during the French Revolution? Not for the faint hearted, this is one of the most interesting Parisian museums you will ever come across. Home to the remains of over six million people, the catacombs are an underground maze of tunnels filled to the brim with neatly stacked bones and skulls of those unfortunate Parisians of years past. Bring your walking shoes as illuminated tunnels bring you five stories underground, and lead you through almost a mile and a half worth of bones and history. Don’t forget your camera — you probably won’t get this close to this many bones ever again!
Sainte Chapelle
Tucked away on the Île de la Cité , this petite Gothic chapel is a sight not to be missed by anyone visiting Paris. Built to hold King Louis IX’s collection of holy relics this captivating building boasts architecture in vivid shades of blue, red and yellow everywhere you look. The actual chapel itself is home to striking floor to ceiling stained glass windows illustrated with scenes from the First Testament. Visiting Sainte Chapelle will bring you back in time, and you won’t want to leave!
Art District of Monmartre
A typical tourist will spend on average €62 daily. Want to experience the world famous shopping in Paris, but want to bring home something unique? Spend an afternoon walking around the winding cobblestoned neighborhood of Montmartre and you will find hordes of Parisian artists creating one of a kind masterpieces right in front of you!
You can also discover how to say ‘Je t’aime’ in 250 languages on the Les Mur des Je t’aime , or I Love You: The Wall monument, which is hidden in this quaint area.
Luxury Paris Rentals
Looking for a place to rest your head after visiting all Paris has to offer? Renting a luxury Paris apartment is the best way to get an affluent sleeping experience in the most glamorous city in the world! Your vacation is about renewal, relaxation, and opulence, and a luxury Paris apartment is exactly that! With gilded walls, shining chandeliers, upscale furniture, and a great location, what else could you want? There are many luxury Paris apartments to choose from — the world is at your fingertips!
So go ahead and experience the joie de vivre Paris will bring you.

Bonne Chance!

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