Let Yourself Eat Cake: Following the French Monarchy Through Paris

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There are so many cultural references to the French Revolution.

“Let them eat cake!” ” The Blood of the Martyred Men Will Water the Meadows of France!” ” Off With Their Heads!” “Vive La France!

Basically, the French Revolution was a large disagreement between the French monarchy and the little people of France. It resulted in political and social upheaval, monarchs without heads, and the rise of a really small tyrannical leader that starts the whole process again.

But, you are taking a trip to Paris and you want to want to see something a little bit different than the typical 4,000 tourist attractions and France has to offer. The average tourist spends 62 euros a day on their trip to Paris, so put your hard earned money to good use while abroad. Considering July 14, 2015 marked the 226th anniversary of French independence, why don’t you explore the steps of the unfortunate French monarchy when visiting Paris?

Take advantage of these travel tips to see Paris through the eyes of the monarchy for your next Paris vacation.

Palace of Versailles
This pleasure palace was built by the Sun King Louis XIV and was home to many a good time. Taking a walking tour through the palace will show you giant, gilded figurines, gold everywhere your eye can see, immaculate ceiling art in every room, pristine gardens, and the infamous Hall of Mirrors.

But, one cannot forget that Versailles was besieged by a group of angry women who called for Queen Marie Antoinette’s head. This event was one of the earliest and most significant events of the French Revolution. In the Queen’s bedroom, you can even see the hidden door built into the wall that helped her escape during the riot.

Versailles is easily reachable by Parisian transit and is great for a day trip.

Pro tip: be careful walking up the stairs, as they grove downwards after so many years of use!

Back in the city center, take a trip to this imposing former prison located near the Notre Dame. This was where thousands of French people were held as prisoners during the French revolution, and the museum includes realistic mannequins so you can get a really creepy feel for what life was like back then.

You are also able to see the “glamorous” cell Marie Antoinette was put in before her execution. This is where she said goodbye to her husband, King Louis XVI before his execution, and where she wrote letters to her brother, the Holy Roman Empire for his help in her release. He clearly didn’t help her that much.

The Tuileries Palace
Located on the banks of the River Seine, the Tuileries Palace is a must see for anyone on their trip to Paris. It was here in this imperial palace that the Royal Family was imprisoned after taken from Versailles.

Come visit the Palace, or pack a picnic to enjoy the gorgeous gardens — the choice is yours.

After seeing Paris through the eyes of the monarchy, it is only fitting you pop into the nearest cafe and grab a slice of cake.

After all, it is what Marie Antoinette would have wanted, no?

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