Your Guide of the Best Autumn Tourist Attractions in Paris

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Although most visitors hope to see Paris during the summertime or during the winter holidays, you’re on the right track if you’ve begun thinking about visiting Paris in the fall. This is the season when all of the locals return from their summer holidays and the city is bursting with exciting sights, sounds, tastes, and colors. There are still many outdoor tourist attractions that stay open throughout this time of year, including both indoor and outdoor activities.
If you’re wondering how to make the most of Paris vacations during the fall, here are a few of the best activities and tourist attractions to check out:

  • Artists’ Studios Open House Days: Anvers to Abbesses: This annual event in Montmartre runs only for two days so if you manage to catch it, consider yourself lucky! During this festival, dozens of local craftsmen and artisans will be showcasing their works. If you miss the festival itself, you can still find plenty to do in Montmartre. One favorite tourist attraction is “ I Love You: The Wall” (”Les Mur des Je t’aime”) which displays the phrase “I love you” in over 250 different languages.

  • Paris Autumn Festival (Festival de l’Automne): Since 1972, the Paris Autumn Festival has been one of the top events for visitors and residents alike. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to see a variety of performance arts exhibitions, visual arts shows, musical performances, and cinema screenings.

  • Hot cocoa: Even though France is famous for its wineries, which draw over 24 million visitors annually, Parisians are also experts when it comes to making hot chocolate! Check out the Merci’s Used Book Café for a sweet drink and book, the chocolate boutique Les Marquis de Ladurée for a variety of desserts, or Patrick Roger Chocolatier if you’re especially taken with dark chocolate.

  • Paris Photography Month (Mois de la Photo): November has been “Photography Month” in Paris ever since 1980, and the city is simply filled with museum and gallery shows during this time!

  • Gardens and parks: No Paris vacations can be considered complete without a stroll through one of city’s many parks or gardens. The Palais-Royal Gardens are located near the Louvre and the Rue Saint-Honoré (if shopping in Paris interests you). The Jardin du Luxembourg and Palace of Versailles are also popular tourist attractions, and they’re even more breathtaking when the leaves have begun changing color.

With over 4,000 tourist attractions and 8,000 museums throughout the country, it isn’t hard to see why autumn Parisian trips always seem more like luxury vacations!

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