Visiting Paris in February: Events, Ideas, and Travel Tips

visiting Paris

Most people plan Paris vacations during the spring and summer months, but a winter vacation to Paris can be an amazing experience! Whether you’re getting ready to leave for your vacation in just a few weeks or you’re looking ahead and planning a trip for next year, here are a few tips on visiting Paris during February.

  • Visiting Paris in February: Planning and Packing
    Although Paris doesn’t typically see much snow during February, you’ll likely encounter chilly temperatures and sudden downpours. It’s always a good idea to dress in layers when you’re touring the city, and you’ll want to make sure you pack waterproof shoes or boots and a warm raincoat. Temperatures usually hover around 37 degrees F so it’s a good idea to plan some indoor activities (such as visiting a museum or traditional cafe) if the weather is less than pleasant.

  • It’s the Off-Season
    Fewer tourists means a better chance at seeing the most famous Parisian attractions! From the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysees, from the Notre-Dame Cathedral to the 20-meter deep Paris Catacombs, and even the world-famous Louvre museum — you can easily fit it all in when you visit Paris during the off-season.

  • Holiday Celebration: Valentine’s Day in Paris
    There really isn’t a more romantic city in which to spend Valentine’s Day! You can visit Les Mur des Je t’aime (“I Love You: The Wall”) in Montmartre and learn how to say je t’aime in over 250 different languages, or you can stop by a cafe and grab a steaming cup of rich hot chocolat. For a luxurious evening meal, you can visit the Bordeauxthèque in Galeries Lafayette for a selection of 1,200 different Bordeaux wines to pair with dinner.

  • Best Event: Celebrating the Chinese New Year
    Even though many people don’t realize it, there happens to be a huge French-Chinese community within Paris making for a great Chinese New Year celebration. Belleville, Marais, and the 13th arrondissement are all known for having amazing parades and festivals. The Chinese New Year celebration begins on a different day each year so it’s important to plan ahead if this is something you want to see. In 2016, it will start on Feb. 8 and will last for about three weeks.

If you’ve visited Paris during the winter months before, make sure to leave any of your own personal travel tips!

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