The Best Hot Chocolate Spots in Paris During the Winter

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The vineyards and ski slopes of France might be the most popular tourist attractions for visitors these days, but you could probably plan out whole winter vacations in Paris just visiting different cafes for hot chocolate!

If you need a break from the normal tourist attractions or busy museums, here are a few of our favorite spots for a steaming mug of chocolat chaud:

1. Angelina
Angelina is probably the most famous spot for hot chocolate in Paris; no matter what the temperature is outside, the shop is always filled with locals and tourists alike. It is a Vienna-style Belle Epoque tearoom — and it also has a wonderful tea menu, if that’s more your style — but the traditional chocolat chaud is easily considered the best of the best when hot chocolate is concerned. You will definitely want to make a reservation, especially during the colder months, as there are always long lines of tourists waiting to get in.

2. Chocolaterie Jacques Genin
If you can’t make it to Angelina, the chocolat chaud at Jacques Genin is a worthy substitute. This cafe is one of the newer chocolat boutiques in Paris, but it serves up mugs of steaming cocoa that are viable competitors to the decades-old recipes of other Parisian cafes.

3. Bar 228 at Hotel Le Meurice
Even if you’ve found other luxury accommodations in Paris, the Hotel Le Meurice bar is always open to visitors and it serves amazing hot chocolate and tea. You’ll need to make a cafe reservation if you plan on stopping in for a mug of something warm, though, so be sure to plan ahead if you hope to stop by!


4. Jean-Paul Hevin

You may have already heard of the chocolatier Jean-Paul Hevin, who is one of the most famous chocolate artisans in Paris right now. His cafe menu of teas and hot chocolate is very diverse, and each concoction was created to be served at a specific time of the day. You might just find yourself coming back to the Jean-Paul Hevin multiple times in one day — and no one would blame you!

5. Maison du Chocolat
Maison du Chocolat is the final cafe on our list, and it’s one of the most prestigious establishments for all things chocolate. The chocolat chaud at Maison du Chocolat is slightly richer and less sweet than other cups of cocoa in Paris, so this cafe is a must for any lovers of dark chocolate.

Of course, it should be noted that there’s no need to worry about taking in too many chocolat calories, since visitors often walk about 10 miles during their winter vacations in France.

There are plenty of other winter events in Paris and throughout the country, too; with over 8,000 museums France and dozens of vineyards that draw in 24 million visitors each year, you might have to schedule more winter vacations to see it all!

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