Luxury Paris Apartments Make Visiting the City of Lights More Enjoyable

visiting Paris

The African American writer Richard Wright carried enough importance in the freshman class that a college from Louisiana used his life in Paris as a major part of a tour of the city. The Paris Noir class members traveled from an open-air sidewalk café to a bookstore that housed one of Wright’s book signings. They then went from street vendors to a hotel that roomed countless famous singers, actors, authors, and artists, regardless of color.
Although Paris provided freedom for Wright in the early 1900s, these same types of establishments would never have opened their doors to Wright had he visited them in his home state of Mississippi. To go from a country like the U.S. with a government that protected few basic rights for people of color to Paris, where any sidewalk café, shop, or hotel welcomed all patrons, explains why so many thought the city color blind.
That three week college course, which took place in the city of Paris, is what led the newly graduated college student to decide to move to the City of Lights for the next part of her adventure. Visiting Paris during her transition to college led her to believe that she had much to learn about the world beyond her home state of Nebraska, and her college state of Louisiana.
Accommodations in Paris
When the college class was visiting Paris, the students and professors stayed in a hostel just across the street from both a hospital and a police station. Although the course and the lectures were wonderful, the living situation was very basic. Returning to the city with both a college degree and a new job, this time the student was ready to look at possible upscale or luxury apartment options that would make the city even more enjoyable.
Visitors to Paris also have the option of living in a variety of locations with a variety of offerings. Paris luxury apartment rentals may, in fact, be a better option than typical hotel stays. Situated in the neighborhoods of Parisians who are going to work and taking their children to school every day allows visitors to see the city beyond the typical museum visits and guided tours.

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