Festivals to Visit During Spring Time in Paris

touring paris in the springIf you are planning on touring Paris in the spring, you can’t do it without reading this article. There are so many great things that Paris has to offer. While vacations do offer a great opportunity to relax and feel refreshed, tourists can walk as much as 10 miles a day sightseeing in Europe. But, if you don’t like walking, there’s incredible shopping in Paris, as well as shows and restaurants and general sight seeing. If you make it inside the Galeries Lafayette, you will be able to see the Bordeauxthèque, which contains 1,200 Bordeaux wine. They actually let you pick a bottle of wine to take with you. Touring Paris in the spring can be an exquisite experience and it doesn’t even cost that much. The average tourist only spends about 62 euros a day. A Paris vacation may be exactly what you need.

Now, if you are touring Paris in the spring time, you should know that the city has many festivals at this time. Between all the stuff you’re planning on and visiting restaurants in Paris, you simply must find time to stop by a few of the festivals. Here’s a list of regular events that usually take place during the spring.

Cinema du Reel
This is where screenings of international ethnographic films are shown at the Centre Pompidou. Recently, the festival has been widened to different areas of the city in order show multiple screenings. The festival usually lasts 10 days, telling and showing only true stories.

Musiquepointdoc Festival
This festival is extremely well known and specializes in showing music documentaries at the Gaite Lyrique. Music is a huge part of the Parisian culture, so it is only fitting to have a music festival.

Villette Sonique
This one is actually a type of concert featuring rock and electro type bands. Ever year, the festival is said to get better and better. The best part is that most of the open air gigs are free.

Festival Artdanthe
This is a phenomenal two month long performance of over 53 theater and dance troupes in more than 65 shows of all different kinds of dancing and acting. This is definitely one that you cannot miss even for the Paris shopping!

Festival de Saint-Denis
This festival celebrates classical music and is held right outside the Paris city limits. Classical music just seems better when it is being played and listened to in Europe.

Fete de la Musique
Lots of the festivals have to do with music, and this one is no different. Typically, most villages will perform some type of native music, playing late in the night. The entire festival is free for all to enjoy.

Bastille Day
This one is a little more well known and happens on July 14. Even though it’s not exactly in the spring, it’s still worth mentioning. July 14th marks the day that Bastille was stormed and the French Revolution began. All over the country, there are magnificent firework displays and events that happen every year.

Festival Oiseau Nature
This is a bird and nature festival that features many of the world’s best animal documentaries. It lasts an entire week and shows screenings of birds, animals, and the environment the entire time. Artists also take advantage of this festival and you will be able to see many beautiful and talented paintings and sculptures. There are usually workshops for children available, as well.

Menton Lemon Festival
This festival is almost like a carnival with over 300 professionals using citrus oranges and lemons to build statues, models, and more. There are acrobats, dancers, and musicians that line the streets, making for a very entertaining and unique experience.

As you can see, there are many, many events to attend if you happen to be touring Paris in the spring. Whichever hotel you stay in will be able to give you information on all of the festivals and events that are happening near you, so you can attend at least some of them. Paris comes alive at these times of the year so if you are looking into touring Paris in the spring or summer, you’ve got the right idea. Know the Paris calendar of events and you will have the time of your life, experiencing so much culture, lively entertainment, and fantastic food that you could have never dreamed of.

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