5 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Trip to Paris

visiting paris

Visiting Paris is one vacation that you’ll remember for years to come; it’s not only a great city for individuals to travel alone, but it’s also a wonderful location for traveling with kids. If you’re already planning on visiting Paris but you’re trying to get the details ironed out, here are a few basic tips that will help:

  1. It’s okay not to have a strict schedule planned out — there’s so much to do in Paris that many visitors stay busy simply wandering the streets. In fact, the average visitor can easily walk about 10 miles in a single day touring the local shops, historical monuments, and beautiful gardens.

  3. Most visitors are interested in seeing the big tourist attractions: the Louvre museum, which sees around 9.3 million visitors each year, the Versailles Palace, Notre-Dame, and the Eiffel Tower are all typically the first sights that visitors want to see. But don’t forget that Paris has plenty of other things to do — including many activities that are off the beaten trail. The country of France has around 8,000 museums and 45,000 registered historical monuments!

  5. French cuisine is one of the most popular parts of a trip to Paris, so be sure to make restaurant reservations well in advance if you have a specific place where you’d like to eat. If you don’t have anything planned out, don’t worry! French cuisine is often best experienced in local bakeries, pastry shops, and cafes.

  7. Paris is one of the best cities to visit for anyone interested in history. There are the Catacombs, which extend for 20 meters underground, and also, a huge fireworks display every July 14 to celebrate Bastille Day in the UNESCO World Heritage fortress city of Carcassonne in Languedoc-Roussillon. You can see ancient Roman architecture by visiting the Arc de Triomphe, or you can visit Le Marais and see the home of the great writer Victor Hugo.

  9. Wine tourism is another huge draw, so be sure to plan on experiencing plenty of exquisite French wines while you’re there! If you can’t travel outside of the city to one of the major wine regions in France, simply stop by the Galeries Lafayette right in the city of Paris. There, you’ll find the Bordeauxthèque, which has over 1,200 different delicious Bordeaux wines to choose from.

A vacation to Paris is truly a unique experience and is something that everyone should do at some point in their lives. If you’ve already begun planning on visiting Paris, the hardest part now is narrowing down exactly what you’ll see and do there!

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