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The Holidays in Paris: A Quick Guide of Festive Events

December 7, 2015 l by Paris Copia
visiting Paris

If you're vacationing in Paris during the wintertime, you'll find a wide variety of holiday events to put on your calendar. Here are just a few fun holiday events that will make your Parisian Christmas unforgettable:   Shopping in Paris: Finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list is never a simple task, but there are plenty of markets and boutiques around Paris where you ...Read More

The Best Bookstores in Paris You Need To Visit

December 3, 2015 l by Paris Copia
shopping in Paris

When you've seen all the tourist attractions in Paris you know you have to visit, shopping in Paris is probably going to be the next item on your "to do" list. You'll find plenty of interesting boutiques and gorgeous department stores throughout the city, but there's another type of shop you should keep on your radar: bookstores!   There are over 2,500 bookstores throughout France ...Read More

The Best Hot Chocolate Spots in Paris During the Winter

November 30, 2015 l by Paris Copia
winter vacations

The vineyards and ski slopes of France might be the most popular tourist attractions for visitors these days, but you could probably plan out whole winter vacations in Paris just visiting different cafes for hot chocolate! If you need a break from the normal tourist attractions or busy museums, here are a few of our favorite spots for a steaming mug of chocolat chaud: 1. Angelina ...Read More

Your Guide of the Best Autumn Tourist Attractions in Paris

November 4, 2015 l by Paris Copia
tourist attractions

Although most visitors hope to see Paris during the summertime or during the winter holidays, you’re on the right track if you’ve begun thinking about visiting Paris in the fall. This is the season when all of the locals return from their summer holidays and the city is bursting with exciting sights, sounds, tastes, and colors. There are still many outdoor tourist attractions that st ...Read More

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